New Zealand Licensed Traders Association

Safe and Secure Trade with Members.

Members of this association have access to several systems to avoid buying stolen goods.

Many Members, who deal in what we describe as, 'portable valuables' have quick access to the Police to check if goods offered are stolen. They will also require a signed declaration by the seller that they own the goods offered for sale. The Member will also record the identity details such as a driver's licence, passport or other equally secure proof of identity.

Your details are recorded in the Traders Record, which cannot be inspected by the public. It is part of our Code of Ethics not to divulge the name and address of our vendors except when required to do so by any lawful request from Police or some specified Government authorities. (See Code of Ethics Above)

Some Members have lists of persons that they will not buy from because they are known to have a record of dishonesty.

Why is this important to you, as a client of one of our Members?

An article that is stolen will always be a 'hot article' no matter how many times it is bought and sold or auctioned. If you are careless about whom you buy from, you run the risk of having your purchase seized by the Police or by a Hire Purchase Repo-man if it was not paid off! You will have lost your money and the goods.

The Consumer Guarantees Act & Fair Trading Act applies to all secondhand goods that are bought from some one who is a dealer. This can also apply to goods bought at flea markets, garage sales or advertised in the media. Provided that you can find the seller (?) and prove that the seller is a dealer you may be able to take legal action, at your own expense, to seek compensation for your loss.

Goods auctioned may be covered, but most auctioneers contract out of that liability. Some reputable auctioneers do offer warranties on specific articles that are auctioned. However, persons who trade in used goods cannot escape their obligations, whether Licensed or not.

The same Act prohibits any retailer or trader from displaying a sign that says NO REFUNDS

The Act is quite clear about a customer's right to have a replacement or refund, have the article repaired if it was faulty or did not last a reasonable time. You cannot have a refund just because you changed your mind! Nor can you expect a free repair if you or some one else caused the fault.

Goods bought or used for commercial use are not protected by this Act. For example, a washing machine used at home to launder towels for a hairdressing business or a motor mower that is also used for cutting lawns as a part time business, or goods that have been hired out.

Electrical Safety. All new and used electrical goods must be safe and comply with the Electrical Safety Regulations. This applies to all goods whether bought from a trader or privately. Anything that can be plugged into the mains must comply, even extension leads and lamps.