New Zealand Licensed Traders Association

Some of the following information is automatically supplied to new Members with their Membership
Certificate. Members can order copies from Cyril Andersen Ph/Fax 09 62 55 065 or
Email andez@xtra.co.nz

Note. During the period 1 April 2005 to 1 April 2006 the trade will be in ‘Transitional Period’
as a result of New Legislation. NZLTA will be updating advice to Members during that time.

Resource Material. Available from this Assn. 8th. Edition. Updated 16/04/2005

The following resources are available to Members who have not received them, when available
from the Govt.

1. The Consumer Guarantees Act. A guide for Retailers. Business Note No.4.

2. Layby Sales Act. Information for Retailers.

3. Handling Customer Complaints. Every Retailer needs this book.

4. Fair Trading Act. A book to guide you about your responsibilities.


These can be purchased from Bennetts Government Bookshops. If ordered from Bennetts by mail
add postage. Phone first to check cost.

5. Secondhand Dealers & Pawnbrokers Act 2004. $6.35 (in force 1 April 2005)

6. Regulations to the above Act. $P.O.A.

7. Auctioneers Act. 1979. $3.95 (revision due 2006)

8. Layby Sales Act. Part of the “Sale of Goods Act 1982” $5.35

(All these Acts plus other Statutes can be accessed on www.legislation.govt.nz)

SOFTWARE. Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers. www.freewebs.com/ozpawnbroker &

Copies of Assn. Reference Papers & Notices (Mostly no charge to Members.)

1. NEW NZLTA Reprint of the Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2004, plus the
Regulatioins to the Act, with an explanatory cover page. The new Act consists of 53
pages, plus The Regulations to the Act, 9 pages. Affects all Secondhand Dealers,
Buyback/Pawnbrokers and Auctioneers. Free to new Members.

2. .Précis of the Lay-by Act. Applies to all Layby sales up to $7500. Advice and general
information about using the Act.

3. Lay-by forms. To be used in conjunction with the above précis. Sets of 3 proof copies for
photocopying are available to Financial Members. These are complete sets with your
business name in the heading, and are designed to help the dealer avoid hassles. Includes
Std. letters to send to late payers and a notice of cancellation, etc. Phone for details. Some
small charges may be involved. Also on 3.5 disc in MS.Pub.

4. Standard Secondhand Dealers Buyers Record Form. Complies with the new Act and
records a complete trace on the disposal of the articles if not sold.
Standard Pawn Ticket forms. Complies with the new Act. The set comprises 4 pages.
These two standardised forms can be e-mailed, supplied on a floppy disc, or as hard copy
for use in a photocopier. The pawn tickets require the Pawnshop name and address added
by the Member. Pawnbrokers can modify the Pawn Ticket to suit their own systems.
All supplied in MS Word.
We include advisory notes about the use of these forms

5. Police Notice re: Dealing in Air Guns. Secondhand Dealers/Auctioneers/Pawnbrokers
must also have a Firearms Dealers Licence. (A personal Firearms Licence is not

6. Flow Chart. Seizure of articles. ( 6th. Edition!) A wall chart. This is a comprehensive
"Flow Chart" which clearly defines the correct procedure for Police and Dealers to follow if
the Police want to seize articles that may have been dishonestly obtained.
It contains advice on claiming compensation, seeking a Court order for the articles to be
returned to you. How to avoid losing goods to persons making fraudulent claims of
ownership. This is yellow and black and laminated for protection.

This Flow Chart will be rewritten shortly to be compatible with the new Act.
All new and existing Members will receive a copy when finished.

7. Police / Licensee Agreement. For use when a dealer gives the police 'Consent' to seize
an article that has been reported as 'dishonestly obtained'.
This protects the rights of the licensee to be recognised as a victim and be notified of all
actions taken by the police to get the offender before the Court and seek compensation or
the return of the article.

8. Membership Certificate. These are issued when a Member pays the annual
subscription. Should you lose or damage yours please ask, we will provide another copy.

9. Code of Ethics Posters. To identify your shop as an 'Ethical Trader', there is one for
display in your shop and one about Intertrade Ethics for staff to read, for display in your

10. NZLTA Membership List. Provides shop name, proprietors name, phone numbers and a
description of the type of goods handled by the Member. Subject to regular updating! Can
be seen on www.traders.org.nz

11. Schedule 1 Poster. A must for your office wall to remind staff. Black on yellow.

12. Computer Software Piracy. Any Member who is dealing, or might deal, in computers or
software must be familiar with copyright and the risks of software piracy. Selling or copying
unlicensed software can result in court proceedings and legal costs. Business Owners and
Managers can be held individually liable, both criminally & civilly, for copyright infringement
that occurs within the organisation. Visit www.microsoft.com/piracy/howtotell or Ph. 0800-
800-004 for licensing information.

13. Trade in pre 1902 Maori Artefacts. Ministry for Culture & Heritage.
Auctioneers/Dealers/Pawnbrokers need to hold a special extra Licence etc.

14. Refund Policy Poster. From Consumer Affairs. NZLTA reprint. Black on yellow.

15. Consumer Affairs.
Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003. This Act overlaps into the
Pawnbroking section of the Secondhand dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2004. Pawnbrokers
need to be aware of this Act. Information is available from the Commerce Commission.
P.O.Box 2351 Wellington. Ph. O800 94 3600 or www.comcom.govt.nz.
Selling Safe Secondhand Electrical Appliances. A new Bulletin by Energy Safe
A conviction for selling an unsafe appliance can cost you up to $10,000. The law
applies to anything that is connected to mains power including lights, extension leads, tools,
heaters & accessories such as switches, sockets etc.
For help contact Consumer Affairs. Ph. 04 474 2750. fax 04 473 9400 or downloaded from

16. NZLTA Dealers 'Day Sheets' A4 format, to help track cash in & out, track Record No's of
'Articles' sold and balancing Banking.

17. File from Auckland Investigations Ltd. 11 pages on Pre-Employment Checks,
Commercial Burglary Prevention, Battling Workplace Theft & Armed Robbery
Or ph. 09 357 6644. fax 09 358 4554. www.investigators.co.nz. Also

18. TRAINING VIDEOS on VHS. Terms of loan are ~ $10 Cheque for packing & Postage.
Plus a $100 cheque made to NZLTA, which is refunded when the cassettes are returned to
us. The subjects are ~ Shoplifting, a Community Dilemma. Stealing on the Job (These
are NZ produced.) Credit card fraud, also Smart Business by IRD (Helps you with GST.)

19. Website. Visit us on www.traders.org.nz

Copyright.. The Copyright Act protects many of these publications.

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