New Zealand Licensed Traders Association

About this Association.

This Association
was formed in 1994 to fulfil the need for an industry association for the benefit of licensed chattel auctioneers, pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers. The trade in motor vehicles and firearms is covered by other legislation.

In 1994 it was obvious that the existing legislation for the secondhand industry was hopelessly out of date and often unenforceable. For example the:

Pawnbrokers Act 1908,
Secondhand Dealers Act 1963

The Police and Government were aware that action was needed to protect the legitimate traders from unlicensed competition and the public from 'black economy traders' who evaded their obligations under consumer legislation to protect customers. They may have lacked systems, or ethics, to avoid buying and selling stolen or faulty goods.

* NZLTA began a program of education for the trade to make them aware of their obligations to comply with the provisions of their licence and consumer protection laws.

* We formed links with Police to eliminate misunderstandings with front-line Officers and in many areas established liaison with CIB to check if goods offered to us were stolen or being offered by known burglars or receivers. Licensees do not want to become the 2nd victim of a crime.


Quality of Goods.
Members shall not offer for sale goods that are known to be defective or unsafe, without fairly advising the purchaser of any known defects, & make good all defects according to any stated warranty or the Consumer Guarantees Act.
(The Act does not apply to goods sold for commercial use)

Privacy of the Client.
Members shall respect and preserve the privacy of their clients and never divulge the source of used articles without the prior consent of the vendor, except when required to do so by law.

...................(*The above paragraphs may not apply to goods sold by Public Auction.)

When selling goods on behalf of a vendor, a Member shall properly display, safely store and insure the vendor's property. When sold and full payment is due the Member shall remit to the vendor the agreed balance of the sale within ten working days. When purchasing articles from a vendor, Members shall not issue valueless cheques, or fail to pay the vendor the agreed value.

Good Conduct.
Members shall conduct their businesses in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and never act in any manner that would bring this industry into disrepute. They shall present their premises, motor vehicles and staff in a tidy and respectable manner. They shall be honest, fair and polite to vendors and customers.

Crime Prevention.
Members shall not deal in goods that they know, or should have known, to be illegally obtained. They shall always co-operate with the Police and seek Police help if articles are known to be stolen.

( This is a voluntary code for Members. Copyright. 16/07/1995 )