New Zealand Licensed Traders Association Inc.

Licensed Traders Association Inc

Registered Incorporated Society working for the good of
all legitimate traders in used goods.

Working to reduce theft for protection of the public.

Serving the trade with para-legal advice.

Connecting buyers and sellers with reputable dealers, auctioneers and pawnbrokers.


1. About the NEW Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2004
2. About this Association.
3. Members Listings, and how to contact them.

4. Safe and Secure Trading with Members.
5. How non-member dealers/traders/pawnbrokers/auctioneers can seek information.
6. NZLTA Resource Material Schedule.
7. Links for public and trade information.

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No liability will be carried by NZLTA or any of its contractors
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Licensed Traders Association Inc